Anonymous asked: Hello. I've recently (as in today) found your old fic "Writing on the Window", and it's striking several cords in me right now. I know it's probably been too long for you to continue it, but can you tell me what would've happened in the story if you had? Thank you, whether or not you do.

I wrote that fic while grieving, so I hope it’s not resonating with you because you’re going through the same grieving process Daniel is.

But, no.  I don’t intend to continue it, because the second part of it becomes a convoluted murder mystery wherein Daniel returns to his grandfather’s shop and stumbles upon a clue in the long ago death of Raoul.  He deals with coming to terms with his father’s death while searching out what happened — and ends up confronting Rauol’s murderer.


I’m done explaining why fanfic is okay.


Note: this post was originally made in 2010 in response to Diana Gabaldon’s epic rant about fanfiction. The original version is still being updated. I’m reposting it to Tumblr by request, but if you have any additions, please feel free to drop a comment at LJ so they can be added to the masterpost!

Dear Author of the Week,

You think fanfic is a personal affront to the many hours you’ve spent carefully crafting your characters. You think fanfic is “immoral and illegal.” You think fanfiction is just plagiarism. You think fanfiction is cheating. You think fanfic is for people who are too stupid/lazy/unimaginative to write stories of their own. You think there are exceptions for people who write published derivative works as part of a brand or franchise, because they’re clearly only doing it because they have to. You’re personally traumatized by the idea that someone else could look at your characters and decide that you did it wrong and they need to fix it/add original characters to your universe/send your characters to the moon/Japan/their hometown. You think all fanfic is basically porn. You’re revolted by the very idea that fic writers think what they do is legitimate.

We get it. 

Congratulations! You’ve just summarily dismissed as criminal, immoral, and unimaginative each of the following Pulitzer Prize-winning writers and works:

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Pharma/Tarn - “from the other DJD members’ point of view”

They’d take any excuse to get him to themselves, so Tarn snagging Nautilator the moment he walked onboard wasn’t that much of a surprise.

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Beware of sarcasm

This is beginning to bother me.

I realize most people don’t care about the double standards applied to fanart and fanfic, so I’ll cut and let you pass on by.

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Commission List Update

1. Coming to Terms, Pt. 28/9? (Depends on how long they end up being, but I’m saying two parts ‘cause I don’t generally put word limits on fic continuation. Commissioned by Jeegoo.)

2. unnamed fic o’ sticky and awkward, wherein Prowl crushes on someone and has no idea what to do when outed, Smokescreen likes to perform oral but isn’t fond of having it done on him, and Prowl find out he likes it rough but has absolutely no endurance for it. Also, Prowl discovers his thoughts on factory-sealed interface equipment are completely wrong, but Smokescreen’s more the show-don’t-tell type, so c’mere… (Commissioned by DisplacedNoble, who made me wibble a bit giving me free rein like this)

3. Rent to Own, Pt. 2 (Commissioned by Surefall)

4 Storm Shelter, Pt. 3 (Commissioned by Raditz Wyvern)

5. Medical Terminology AU: a what-if for a future where Coming to Terms comes to a peaceful conclusion. A day in the life on Messatine. (Commissioned by 1ReaderVB)

6. White Lies, Pt. 4 (Commission by Vintage-Mechanic)



Did somebody say crack?
Some silly little things, based on that lovely anon’s message (I got a lot more from them). I originally wanted to make a comic about exactly what it said in the message and I do have an entire page with more sketches than these four, but they didn’t really go anywhere, I hope this is enough :3

Prompt: The first thing Grimlock says to the Scavengers when his head gets fixed.

“Aw, frag,” Misfire said fervently as he torn at the door lock. “Aw frag, aw no, aw — “

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